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Okay, Sergio Kato

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Sergio Kato, Professional Actor And Model

Sergio Kato Los Angeles, California, USA – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil SAG/AFTRA/AEA - European Guild, Brazilian Guilds Wilshire Blvd, N/A, Los Angeles, California 93210 United States Here is my resumeé: I'm an actor: TEATRO:                       "O TABLADO" Jardim Botânico. Escola de Teatro da UFB / Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Dramaturgia, Maria Claudia Machado. Unique combination of intellectual and artistic skills and talents which are most fully developed when theory and practice are integrated into the learning experience. Students in the program gain expertise in all the fundamental areas of theatrical art in graduated sequences of study designed to bring into focus rigorous critical thinking, precise methods of research, and imaginative expression. Brooklyn Center for the Performing ArtsMusic, Dance, Theatre, Cinema Brooklyn. New York, New York,NY, Scene study, monologue thecnhinique, vocal: singing voiceover, on-camera commercial technique, audition technique, soap operatechnique., William "Sometimes even a pretty face can have talent," Success to all of you!! Sincerely Yours, Jean Goldman

Yes its true, this is the real Sergio Kato. I am willing to work hard and risk to achieve successes and victories in every area of my personal and professional life. The Definitive Sergio Kato Website O website definitivo de Sergio Kato 

Okay, Sergio Kato

The Day After - Sergio Kato Photos -

Acteurs: Sergio Kato and Rutger Hauer

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(2) Trecho do filme Flying Virus[Abelhas Ataque mortal], com Participação de Sergio Kato ao lado de Rutger Hauer, (3) Photo & Video: Sergio Kato "Flying Virus, KillerBuzz" - Kato Sergio Rutger Sergio Virus.. Or, Sergio Kato as well was on the film Killer Buzz or (2001) » directed by Jeff Hare. Sergio Kato's breakthrough film.

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Sergio Kato was born in Brazil, and he has held U.S Citizenship since becoming naturalized in 1992. Actor Sergio is a professional Actor and Tv-Host, Martial Artist and a Businessman.

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